Thursday, February 23, 2006

Featured Writer: Robin Sharma - The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Robin Sharma inspires people with his writing. Millions of people, across the world.

Robin is better known as the author of "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" - a bestseller that is changing people's lives with its sagely advice.

After quitting his job as a litigation lawyer, Robin Sharma marched to his own drummer's beat to become a bestselling author, speaker and life coach.

Robin had self-published his first book at a Kinko's copy shop. His first seminar was attended by 23 people, 21 of them, family members.

Robin then published his second book "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari". The fortunes turned when former HarperCollins president Ed Carson discovered Robin in a bookstore. And "The Monk" attained marketing nirvana!

As I write this, "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" has been published in over 35 countries and in over 40 languages. It is also being made into a motion picture. His book "The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO" was the #1 selling book in the world at

Robin is visiting Dubai for the first time to conduct "The Elite Performers Series" leadership coaching programme on the 26 and 27 March 2006 at Jumeirah Emirates Tower, Dubai.

The event brochure and registration form are here

The number to call for registration is +971 4 360 2859.

Your wallet should have a surplus of USD 900+ to enjoy the show. Or a press pass, maybe.

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