Friday, February 17, 2006

Writers Groups in the United Arab Emirates

The last couple of years have been good for writers in the UAE. We saw two writers' clubs being formed: the Dubai Writers Group on (DWG) and the International Literary Society of Dubai (ILSD).

I am a member of both.

The DWG has an active message board on and as of today, 292 members. A group 'meetup' is held every month at a convenient venue in Dubai. A book club is also active. I have attended quite a few meetings. The turnout is international - all expats.

I have not been able to see the member list of the ILSD (the initials somehow remind me of Jim Morrison of the Doors) on their website. The ILSD also organises events where writers can meet - a Literary Soirée is what such an event is called.

Both groups had organised their first writing contests last year. The results of DWG's writing contest are yet to be announced. The results of the ILSD's first writing competition have been announced and tomorrow, that is 17 February 2006, the ILSD is organising a public reading of the entries by the top 25 winners, many of whom are also members of the Dubai Writers Group.
I'd love to listen to the winning entries and meet up with writers. If I do manage to attend the reading, you can look forward to savouring the juicy details on this blog.

No, I didn't participate in the contests. Why give Dubai writers such tough competition, I thought (evil smile with flashing tooth). But I hope to, next time around. Insha Allah.


MD said...

i have joined DWG but never got a chance to go to any of their meetings. to be honest, i wasnt sure of the concept. i am not quite into book clubs, i prefer something with a stronger purpose.

nice blog!

farrukh: copywriter & journalist said...

One writer is sometimes enough to shake the strongest strongholds. Imagine what a group of writers can do, but we don't have such a group yet - with a strong purpose as you said.

I've co-founded one such group and for all creative people. I'll blog about it soon, time permitting.


MD said...
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MD said...

that'll be interesting. i was thinking about starting a 'proper' writer's club, but i need to plan out every detail because it shouldnt end up dormant like all other 'clubs'.