Sunday, March 05, 2006

Blog for a cause: Street Harassment & Eve Teasing

For bloggers who want to volunteer for a cause - here's a worthy one. Speak up against street harassment and eve-teasing. Blog about it.

The Blank Noise Project is addressing this issue with the help of bloggers. A blogathon is being organised on 7 March in which bloggers who want to pitch in for the cause will write about this issue on their blogs.

Join in and support the Blank Noise project here.

Hindustan Times, a national daily in India reported a shocking fact - offendors caught during the anti street harassment Operation Street Patrol included educated professionals like doctors and engineers. Read that report here.

While the Blank Noise project has its roots in India, the problem of street harassment is global.

Here in the UAE, a man who pinched a female shopper got the treatment he truly deserved, as reported by Gulf News on 27 May, 2005:

The women beat up the man with their nails cutting into his face, at which the onlookers tried to intervene and end the fiasco....

Even the mall's security guards, who had rushed to the scene, could not control the angry women.

The guards then called police patrols, who arrived on the spot after a while. After much exertion, the patrols were able to wrest the man out of the furious women's grip, and arrested him.

This is the treatment I would like to see street perverts getting, everytime they even think about casting a dirty glance at someone.

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anjali said...

hi i'm a 26 years old stayin at abu dhabi with my husband. It has really become very difficult to step out of the house due to street harassment n eve teasing. I would really like to know if ther is any official website of abu dhabi police where v have an option to lodge a complaint about this issue. Kindly reply on